Programme PhD Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Analyzing and Evaluating Educational Policy Area Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation Credits 1.50

Prof. Ankur Sarin

Course Description & Objectives
The course will focus on understanding the conceptual bases for analysing and evaluating education policy.  The task of analysing and evaluating education policy is not just one of application of tools and techniques but also that of assessing the appropriateness of those tools. The course complements other methodological courses by probing the conceptual and theoretical foundations of education policy that might help inform the use of different methods. Further, it introduces students to the processes and objectives of education policy and actors influencing the formulation and implementation of policy.

The course is divided into four modules. In the first module, we will study the various ways in which the normative goals are interpreted in education policy and their relationship with empirically based evaluation research. The second module introduces students to the policy process and environment to help understand why policies look the way they do. The third module examines fundamental debates in education policy, while the fourth revisits methodological discussions on evaluating the evidence around education policy.