Programme PhD Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Economics of Strategy Area Strategy, Economics Credits 1.50

Prof. Rakesh Basant

Course Description & Objectives
Scope and Objectives:
Organizational economics (OE) encompasses various levels of analysis at the same time. OE literature (broadly defined to include both the neo-classical and non-neoclassical strands) is perhaps the only strand of economic literature which simultaneously provides insights at the firm, industry and the economy levels. It provides useful insights into firm strategies. It analyses links between industrial structure and firm behaviour; how conduct and performance of firms is conditioned by the market structure and also in turn shapes it. It also provides useful insights into how firm characteristics influence firm strategies.  As the processes of liberalization unfold, the organization economics concepts and tools will increasingly become relevant for understanding the strategies of firms in the Indian economy.
Given this background, the course will have the following inter-related objectives:
  1. To expose the students to the theory, concepts and tools of organization economics that may help them understand firm strategy.
  2. To expose the students to the economic roots of many concepts they learn in various courses on strategy, marketing etc. 

Lectures and student presentations will be the main vehicle of learning in this course. This will be supplemented by assignments and project reports.