Programme PhD Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Exploratory Data Visualization Area Information Systems Credits 1.00

Prof. Kavitha Ranganathan

Course Description & Objectives
Exploratory Data Visualization is an approach that uses visual constructs and techniques to analyze a dataset, get maximum insights into the data and summarize its main characteristics. One of the primary goals of this approach (also know as EDA or Exploratory Data Analysis) is to see what can be found beyond the formal modeling or hypothesis testing task and allow the data itself to reveal its underlying structure and model. EDA is also widely used to help formulate hypotheses that could then lead to new data collection or experiments. The goal of this course is to expose you to a range of exploratory data visualization methods, tools and techniques that will help you look more effectively at your data, along with covering fundamentals of visual perception and its application to data visualization.

The course will comprise of a mix of lectures, examples, in-class exercises and lab sessions.
The visualization related software introduced in this course include R, GapMinder, Processing and Tableau.