Programme PhD Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Economics of Education Area Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation Credits 1.25

Prof. Ambrish Dongre

Course Description & Objectives
This course adopts on an empirical economist’s lens to analyse issues in education i.e. rate of return, production function, competition and choice, cost benefit and cost effectiveness and finally, financing of education.  
Objective of the course is to introduce FPM students to important themes in economics of education along with sophisticated empirical research techniques employed to explore these themes. The insights gained would be helpful in deeper understanding and analysis of issues not just in education, but broader social policy. Wherever possible, reference and connection will be made to the Indian context.
The outline lists ‘compulsory readings’ and ‘recommended readings’. All papers mentioned in the compulsory readings will be covered either in the class or through home-work assignments. Attempt will be made to cover as many papers as possible listed in ‘recommended readings’.