Programme PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Potential to Performance: A Journey of Self-Awareness Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 1.50

Prof. Kirti Sharda

Course Description & Objectives
Technical and analytical skills by themselves do not lead to exceptional performance in organizations. Leaders and managers need to work with a sense of self-awareness and develop superior interpersonal skills to lead their organizations and teams in a more effective manner. The course, Potential to Performance (PoP), focuses on helping participants understand human processes better and discover enriching ways of relating and working with others. It is also useful for those who intend to play facilitative and leadership roles in their organizations or with customers, partners or communities.

This course is especially meant for those interested in improving their personal, interpersonal and group efficacy. It is designed to help participants get in touch with their inner selves in a more meaningful manner. Through a process that emphasizes active listening, enquiry, self-exploration and reflection, each participant is encouraged to explore her/his own behavior patterns and underlying assumptions, and to experiment with new and alternate ways of feeling and thinking in interpersonal relationships and groups.

The course creates an environment where participants can become aware of their styles of communication and behavior and its impact on others, improve their effectiveness in interpersonal interactions, recognize feelings, diagnose needs, improve their ability to deal with conflict, discover their potential to live life meaningfully and effectively, and acquire an in-depth understanding of group processes and interactions.

i) To enhance awareness of self and behaviour patterns
ii) To deepen understanding of interpersonal processes and relating meaningfully iii) To become aware of group dynamics and efficacy in groups and teams
iv) To discover potential to live more meaningfully and explore transformational shifts