Programme PhD Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Agricultural Development Policy Area Centre for Management in Agriculture Credits 1.50

Prof. Sukhpal Singh,
Prof. Poornima Varma,
Prof. Hari Nagarajan

Course Description & Objectives
The objectives of this course are to:
  • Develop a conceptual understanding and factual perspective of major problem area in the development of agriculture and rural sector in India.
  • Provide participants with a comprehensive exposure to the national and international dimensions of the agricultural economy using a business perspective. Additional emphasis will be provided on the role of agriculture in economic development and international agricultural trade issues (WTO).
  • Describe and analyze the implications of farm sector reforms (power, fertilizer, land markets, food procurement and distribution, pricing, infrastructure, subsidies) and trade policies for business, farmers, consumers and economy.
The course begins with a discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of agriculture, and role of agricultural sector in economic development focusing on why development of this sector is necessary to make it play its role and the public policies required for developing this sector considering globalizing economic environment.

Class Preparation
The classes will include lectures, class discussion, guest speakers and presentation by participants.