Programme PhD Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Applied Microeconomics for Food and Agriculture (MFA) Area Centre for Management in Agriculture Credits 1.50

Prof. Vidya Vemireddy

Course Description & Objectives
The goal focuses on advanced microeconomic theory and applications in consumer and producer behavior within the domain of food and agriculture. The course will aim to develop the understanding of the core concepts on consumer and producer theory and students would learn about various applications of the same through the rich empirical literature in topics related to food and agriculture. The course will involve topics like estimating demand and production function, welfare analysis, inter-disciplinary applications etc. Students will learn to do empirical analysis (experimental, quasi-experimental, panel data methods etc.) using complex problems across different contexts. The course aims to aid students in coming with research questions by giving them an in-depth understanding of various applications of the core principles using data and the evolution of the literature so far. This will be achieved through lectures, discussions, in-class empirical exercises using STATA or R and presentation of research articles. Students are expected to participate actively in the class.