Programme PGP & PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Reimagining Telecom & Next Generation Businesses Area Strategy Credits 0.75

Prof. Sujit Kumar (VF)

Course Description & Objectives
Strategic Reimagination of Business is the order of the day in our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. It requires “Today Forward” and “Future Back” thinking. The underlying principles being synthesizing deep insights into customer needs, visualizing newer value adds, reimagining the future, leveraging of the core while moving up the value chain, and transforming the organization. Failure to anticipate change and innovate in time leads to disruption and erosion of value. Continued failure to respond by redefining and reimagining leads to irrelevance and perhaps even extinction.

Through this course, students first apply these principles in depth to a sector i.e Telecom, followed by a preview of sectors like Healthcare, Fintech, Higher Business Education, Media & Entertainment, Transport Mobility, and Retail/Etail which are quickly overlapping with the digital service ecosystem which Telcos are getting re-imagined as.

Telecom sector’s vital infrastructure and capability underlies the digital economy and disruptions across sectors. Being able to assess where the Telecom sector, and its underlying technology, is headed helps sharpen the much valued strategic thinking capability required in consulting, functional and technology driven assignments.

The course is designed with the following specific objectives and learning outcomes:
a. Learning and building on the key concepts of reimagining and transforming,
b. Learning from contemporary business contexts.
c. Grasping the essential techno-commercial aspects of underlying technology.
d. Developing the necessary strategic insight from (i) disrupter, (ii) disrupted, and (iii) customer perspective.
e. Viewing the process from a leader’s perspective.
f. Applying the learnings to develop a high level blueprint.
g. Integrating emerging technologies in the re-imagining process.

Case & Contemporary Business Context/Background Note based discussions