Programme PhD Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Crafting and Publishing of Research Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 1.50

Prof. George Kandathil,
Prof. Rama Mohan Turaga

Course Description & Objectives
The course is designed to help doctoral students develop an understanding of the process of publishing research in peer-reviewed academic journals. The course is open to FPM students in all areas although the readings are primarily drawn from research in organizational behavior, personnel and industrial relations, and economics. The course is especially appropriate for students interested in academic careers, which require publishing research in high quality peer- reviewed journals. The course format will be a mix of lectures, class discussions (predominant), and interaction with guest speakers. The primary requirement for the course is a publishable research paper on a topic of interest to the students.

Class Preparation
A high level of class participation means you show good understanding of the readings through your comments during the class, listen actively (without monopolizing or sidetracking the class discussions) to other participant’s comments, and respond to them appropriately. Each participant should email by the midnight before the session a list of questions/issues (based on the session readings) to discuss in the class. The list you submit will also be graded as part of your grade for class participation.