Programme PhD Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Change & Innovation in Education Area Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation Credits 1.25

Prof. Ambrish Dongre,
Prof. V S Chand

Course Description & Objectives
Change and innovation are essential part of any dynamic organization. In the present time keeping pace with change is becoming more challenging for all organisations. It is particularly true for educational institutions as they are impacted strongly by changes in the society. The present course will examine various aspects of change and innovation in Indian educational context. This will be examined at individual, group, organisational and societal level, across different levels of learning from literacy, pre-school to senior - secondary education. Major educational initiatives within the country and selected innovations in other countries will be examined with respect to their role in effecting change and innovations in education.

The objective of the course will be:
1. To develop an appreciation for the nature of educational change with a particular focus on change and innovation in education.
2. To identify salient factors like role of leadership, vision, ideology and role of stakeholders in initiating and sustaining innovation
3. To develop insights about initiating and sustaining innovations in education