Programme PhD Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Qualitative Methods in Human Resource Management Area Human Resource Management Credits 1.50

Prof. Rajesh Chandwani

Course Description & Objectives
This course focuses on Qualitative Research methods. Qualitative research methods have increasingly become accepted as a legitimate means of management enquiry in the HRM domainThe course covers the philosophy of qualitative methods of inquiry; the different methods of conducting qualitative research such as case study method, ethnography and historical analysis; analysis of qualitative data; and writing qualitative research papers. Though the focus is on research in Human Resource Management, the theory and methods discussed are quite general and applicable across disciplines.

This will be a seminar course, with classes and learning driven by the students. Classes will comprise of discussions on assigned readings, with students leading these discussions. The course will also have activities and presentations in class, which will enhance student learning. The course emphasizes 'conducting' qualitative research and there will be several exercises and will involve hands on training on the tools for qualitative data analysis, in class exercises and take home assignments. In the term papers, the students will be expected to rigorously apply their learnings to a specific empirical problem