Programme PhD Term VI Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Seminar on Entrepreneurship Area Strategy Credits 1.50

Prof. Amit G Karna,
Prof. Mukesh Sud

Course Description & Objectives
The Entrepreneurship elective is designed to familiarize students with the theoretical and empirical perspectives in the field of Entrepreneurship. Specifically, the course will enable students in following ways:
  • To help appreciate the different perspectives in entrepreneurship research
  • To develop skills in evaluating this literature
  • Develop and evaluate research questions in this field
Entrepreneurship as a field has evolved significantly in the last two decades to achieve the status of a distinctive scholarly domain. The changes that the field has witnessed in the last few years are also a reflection of the advancements in technology at various levels. In this revised doctoral course we will cover the conceptual roots of the discipline, various theoretical perspectives of the phenomenon and track the evolution of entrepreneurship in various contexts. 

The course is designed as an intensive doctoral level course involving a thorough study of literature in the entrepreneurship field. The course will run in form of a seminar course, where paper presentations and class discussions will be the major focus. Select sessions will be assigned cases to be analyzed from a researcher’s perspective and develop concepts, illustrations, hypotheses, frameworks, and checklists. The participants will also be required to engage in fieldwork to build and test ideas, concepts and hypotheses.