Programme PhD Term I Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Strategic Management-I Area Strategy Credits 1.25

Prof. Chitra Singla

Course Description & Objectives
*      Help understands
  • The evolution ofstrategic management as a field of independentstudy
  • The established and emerging frameworks, concepts, perspectives and checklists in strategy formulation and evaluation
  • Methodological issues in validating, critiquing, and creating the theory and empirics of strategic management

*      Develop skills in
  • Understanding and comprehending a stream of literature, identifying gap in the literature in terms of extension, critiquing, integrating, and validating existing ideas
  • Appreciating the contributions of researchers in strategic management
  • Interlinking alternative approaches, methodologies, frameworks and checklists in the field
  • Developing and testing hypotheses relating to strategy formulation and, reformulation
  • Relating strategic management Literature with other fields

*      Imbibe the attitudes and habitsto evolve as a researcher in the field of Strategic Management