Programme PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation Area Strategy Credits 0.75

Prof. Amit Karna

Course Description & Objectives
Technology and Innovation management has often been a major factor influencing competitive advantage of firms and are further gaining importance in today’s fast-paced business world. Therefore, managing technology and innovation is a priority that few business leaders can ignore. The course is designed to familiarize the students with the concepts, tools and techniques that help strategic management of
technology and innovation within an established organization or a startup. The course touches upon the evolving reality of technological innovation across a variety of industries – both old and new.

The course will cover key issues such as technology curve, industry transformation, disruptive innovation, networked and platform strategies, managing government regulations, implementing technological innovation, developing innovative capabilities, and developing the right skill mix required for the industries of future. The course will use a variety of learning methods including case discussions, role plays and simulations. The cases have been chosen to enable discussions at firm as well as industry level, including competitive dynamics of management of technology and innovation.

The course builds on the Strategic Management course by developing deeper insights into the technology and innovation related issues faced by corporations in changing environment. The course will also build linkages with other elective courses on strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology management and innovation.

The course is designed in order to enable the participants to achieve the following:
a. Develop an understanding of the linkages between technology and strategy and how firms can manage their innovations in rapidly evolving environments in order to create or sustain competitive advantage
b. Understand the key issues in implementing a technological innovation and changes to the firm’s overall strategy in view of the industry transformation ant technology evolution curve
c. Learn tools for examining, anticipating, and managing the impact of technological change on a firm or an industry
d. Familiarize with strategic management of innovation and decision making based on tradeoffs between new product development and process improvements in existing operations
e. Understand the issues related to (human and financial) capital management for coping with evolving industry environments.

The learning from the course would depend on the extent of investment of quality time and effort by each participant in preparing for each session, reading the assigned readings, and integrating them into the case analysis before the respective session.

Case discussions, simulation exercise