Programme PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Strategy Execution : The Art and Science of Creating High Performance Area Strategy Credits 0.50

Prof. Shailendra Mehta (VF),
Prof. Sunil Maheswhari

Course Description & Objectives
“Goals are dreams with deadlines”.
“Ideas without implementation, .. are like … opinions: everyone’s got one.”
Execution without strategy is blind, and strategy without execution is lame. Great strategy and great execution have to go hand in hand for great results. In this course we will study in detail several examples of strategy execution and derive the appropriate lessons. In fact, the lessons of the course will be applicable in startups, in corporations, in sports teams, in political parties and indeed in yourself.

  • Build on the foundation course “Strategic Management” to focus on specific issues pertaining to Strategic Execution
  • Develop a comprehensive framework that is especially useful for the analysis of effective Strategic Execution
  • Analyze in depth the strategic issues facing a variety of industries and environments
  • Help students develop an understanding of fast moving and rapidly changing environments.
This course will be particularly beneficial to students who aspire to positions of executive authority in all fields.

Every business school offers numerous courses on strategy. However, courses on executing strategy are few and far between. Great strategy is of little help unless it is combined with effective execution. Figuratively speaking, without great strategy you’re blind, and without great execution you are lame. The two must go hand in hand for outstanding results.

This will be an intense course. In order to work closely with the students, the enrolment in this course will be limited to 20.

- The materials that we will draw upon will include cases, papers, books and a movie. Intense and properly structured assignments will be an integral part of the learning process. Here you will have a chance to apply all the strategy frameworks that you have picked up in your core courses so far, but in addition take the broadest possible view of how success was made possible by a thorough analysis of a company of your choice.

- The case method will be the primary learning methodology to be supplemented by student presentations. Students will engage in collaborative research projects that will help sharpen their analytical skills. This course will balance frameworks and applications as well as Indian and non-Indian examples.