Programme PGPX Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title The Persuasive Manager Area Communication Credits 0.50

Prof. MM Monipally (VF)

Course Description & Objectives
As the PGPX participants have substantial work experience, they have been exposed to different kinds of managing and leading, some more successful and sustainable than others. They will also have arrived at their own styles of managing. They will certainly have used persuasion strategies to manage their bosses, peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders such as customers. They may not, however, have systematically reviewed their influencing strategies with a view to refining them and enlarging their repertoire. TPM proposes to help them with that process and strengthen their persuasion skill set.

To help participants
(i) review their managerial persuasion experience systematically and identify their strengths and weaknesses
(ii) enhance their ability to face tough, workplace persuasion challenges in dealing with their bosses, peers, subordinates, and customers
(iii) recognise and resist deceptive persuasion.

The pedagogy consists of combination of case analysis, a variety of simulation exercises followed by feedback, and exposure to selected readings.