Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Business Simulation Game-Capstone Area Strategy Credits 1.00

Prof. Mayank Varshney

Course Description & Objectives
To provide an opportunity to the participants to 
  1. Integrate the learning from the entire programme.
  2. Take the needed functional decisions co-aligned with each other and with the
  3. Corporate objective they have set for themselves.
  4. Experience the challenges involved in working in a team against tough deadlines.
This is achieved through two components: 
  1. This is achieved through two components: 
  2. This is achieved through two components: 
The two simulations (team based and individual) are separate and different.

In the team based simulation, the class is divided into 15 teams, 10 teams of 6 participants each and 5 of 5 participants each. There will three what are called industries, and the teams play against one another in the same industry. Each industry will have five teams. The 6 member teams will be assigned to two industries and the five member teams, to the third industry. Grades are awarded to teams, and will be based on their relative as well as absolute performance. 

In the individual based simulation (called CompXM), each participant plays the game on his/ her own and the grade is individual.