Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Management Control and Metrics for Organizational Performance Area Finance and Accounting/Marketing Credits 0.75

Prof. Naman Desai,
Prof. Arvind Sahay

Course Description & Objectives
This course is designed to provide knowledge, insights and analytical skills related to how managers design and implement ongoing formal systems to plan and control the organization’s performance. The managers need to track organizational performance on a continuous basis from a variety of perspectives in order to increase the probability that the organization is moving in the intended direction within relevant parameters. This course provides the foundations, frameworks, and tools to monitor organizational performance with a holistic perspective. The approach is to evaluate how the different parts of the organization are contributing to performance not just on a lagged basis but also on a leading basis so that the organization can be better matched to the markets that it serves.

With emphasis on individual and collaborative learning, the course will be taught mostly through the case method. For every topic, the background reading material will be provided and a case will be used for class discussion. Cases will be used from a multitude of industries and will draw from both Indian and foreign sources.