Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking Area Strategy Credits 1.00

Prof. Mukesh Sud

Course Description & Objectives
Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking (EDT) is intended for students wishing to explore recent concepts around entrepreneurship & creativity. This will enable participants to (1) sharpen their ideation and opportunity recognition skills (2) engage with recent concepts in entrepreneurial thought like the lean start up, agile manufacturing and design thinking (3) understand the challenges of entrepreneurship in the context of large firms and (4) acquire an entrepreneurial mindset as a lifelong career and life option.

E&DT covers a wide canvas and adopts a broad view of entrepreneurship.

  1. Identify the challenges involved in starting a new venture
  2. Understand the processes involved in creativity & design thinking
  3. Recognise methods for organizing and managing an entrepreneurial venture
  4. Adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set in their approach to their career and life

- The course will be delivered with a mix of case discussions, lectures and activities. Students must be prepared to (1) read the case and readings in advance of the class (2) actively participate in class discussion and (3) challenge assumptions and business models.

- Students will, during the term, work in teams of 2-3 on a business they propose to start. Final presentations are graded and will be in the format of a Business Model Canvas. External judges will be present during the final presentations.