Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Inner Theatre: An Encounter with Self Area Organizational Behaviour Credits 1.00

Prof. Kirti Sharda

Course Description & Objectives
“Inner theatre: An encounter with Self” is an experiential course designed to help students develop higher selfawareness and move towards individuation in their lives.

The journey of self-awareness and individuation involves getting in touch with and integrating one’s unconscious and conscious processes. By creating awareness about creative and disruptive themes within Self, the course will help participants comprehend psychological dynamics, especially at an intrapersonal level, and offer paths for healthy functioning. It will encourage participants to discover their creative potential to live life meaningfully and move towards self-actualizing behaviours.

Our significant experiences often leave us wondering about ourselves and the nature of our interactions with others. However, due to the pressures of a competitive and technology-intensive environment, our inner world of feelings, conscious needs, unconscious motivations, cognitions, and existential concerns remains under-explored and unexpressed. At times, our concerns and questions leak forth, and we are left with a sense of restlessness and meaninglessness. “Inner Theatre” will provide a space to participants to explore their inner
landscape and related concerns. The course will create an opportunity for students to encounter and explore the processes which underlie their meaning-making and behavioural choices.

Drawing upon the principles proposed by psychodynamic, humanistic and existential schools of psychology, this course will facilitate the integration of conscious and unconscious elements of Self and enable the journey towards a holistic being.

The course objectives will be delivered through a semi-structured experiential design. Multiple pedagogical tools and approaches will be used including experiential exercises, psychometric inventories, cases, storytelling, psychodrama, reflective sessions, and discussions.