Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Management of Indian and International Commercial Contracts Area PGPX Area Credits 0.75

Prof. Shanker Subramoney,
Prof. L Sridha

Course Description & Objectives
Commerce and Trade is the foundation for business. Effective management of Commercial aspects is a daunting task requiring adequate and practical knowledge in the current context of Globalisation & E-Commerce. The advancements in Information Technology has been creating “border-free trade” regimes furthering the global competition.

To tackle the complications in GLOCAL (Global & Local) Trade and Commerce, a host of International Institutions & Conventions such as FIDIC, WTO, ICC, UNCITRAL, UNCTAD, WCO, WIPO, WB/IMF, UNEDIFACT, etc., have introduced several rules, regulations and models for various types of transactions, which are intended to bring about uniformity in understanding of commercial contracts globally.

This course aims at sensitizing the participants to all relevant aspects of applied law, rules, procedures in Management of Commercial Contracts both in the Indian and International context.


Topic by topic exposition, Case Studies / Role-play, Quiz and Query Clarifications.