Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Negotiation lab Area Human Resource Management Credits 0.50

Prof. Biju Varkkey

Course Description & Objectives
This course deals with negotiation and conflict resolution techniques, which are used extensively by individuals and business leaders. Today, negotiation skill is considered as a critical competency for success, because organizational and social roles pose regular situations requiring
negotiation. Needless to say, negotiation plays an important role in professional and personal career success. This course introduces students briefly to the basic concepts and theories of negotiations and resolving conflicts, and their applications to every day issues with specific
reference to people management situations and career success.

Students completing this course will be able:
1. Analyse the basic negotiation process with reference to professional and personal goals, parties positions and strengths, effective tactics that could be deployed, management of outcomes, and the effect on the ongoing relationship of both sides.
2. Learn about different negotiation styles and approaches.
3. Learn the importance of skills like communication including active listening, providing effective feedback and empathy and how to use them to engage in successful negotiations.
4. Problem- solving through negotiation in different (select) contexts, including
5. Understand the difference between integrative and distributive negotiation techniques
6. Explore how to reach an agreement in simulated setting involving negotiations with respect to different workplace and personal career situations.

  •  Use of ‘Case Method’ for discussions and analysis in class.
  • ‘Exercises and ‘Role Plays’ based on actual organizations and career situations.
  • Class strength limitations: Since it’s an interactive and experiential course, class strength will be limited to 15 or 18.