Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title OR for Logistics Area Production & Quantitative Methods Credits 1.00

Prof. Sachin Jayaswal

Course Description & Objectives
The logistics division of a firm generally absorbs 60-80% of its revenue1. Hence, it provides the greatest opportunity for improving the profitability of a firm by bringing in greater efficiency. This course aims to prepare the participants to achieve this increased efficiency in logistics-related activities using Operations Research (OR).

The course aims to achieve the following objectives:
1. To expose the participants to the various existing opportunities to improve efficiency in a firm’s logistics activities.
2. To train the participants to translate real-world logistics-related problems into mathematical models, and to solve them on a computer.
3. To train the participants in the use of a Mathematical Modeling Language (AMPL2) for expressing their mathematical models and solving real-world instances.

To achieve the above stated objectives, each session will typically begin with a discussion of a complex real-world logistics-related problem/case. The class will together try to overcome the main challenge of expression a given problem into a mathematical model. Each problem discussion will typically conclude with a mathematical model, expressed and solved using AMPL. An important component of the course is a group project in which participants will have the opportunity to apply their learnings to solve real-world problems experienced in their earlier professions.