Programme PGPX Term V Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Service Management Area Human Resource Management/Production and Quantitative Methods Credits 1.00

Prof. Ankur Sinha,
Prof. Rajesh Chandwani

Course Description & Objectives
Service sector accounts for a major proportion of GDP in the Indian context, and also in the developed world. While the major frameworks and concepts in management literature are based on and derived from the manufacturing sector, it is increasingly being recognized that these conventional concepts cannot be extrapolated directly to the service sector. The course aims to enhance the understanding of the issues and
challenges in the service sector and to outline how these challenges can be overcome. The course will enhance the students’ skill set to apply the theoretical knowledge to manage various aspects of service sector work, specifically focussing on challenges in HRM and Operations.3

The course will be based on case studies that highlight specific issues in the service sector, covering several domains such as healthcare, consulting, financial services, hospitality and education. It will require the students to apply their existing knowledge and understanding
about management in the context of these specific domains.

The case method will be extensively used for the course. This will be supplemented by presentations, discussions and group work.