Programme PGP Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Communicating Corporate Reputation Area Communication Credits 1.00

Prof. Asha Kaul

Course Description & Objectives
Corporate Reputation, over the last few decades, has gained prominence with researchers and academics struggling to define this concept in terms of finance, accounting, marketing, etc. The proposed definitions have gradually expanded beyond the narrow confines of management disciplines and today, corporate reputation is viewed as a set of images created in the minds of stakeholders based on company’s product/services, financial performance, leadership, workplace culture, innovation, governance and employees. How do you build reputational capital? What are the key attributes of a good reputation? What are the benefits of a stellar reputation? How does an organization communicate with stakeholders? These are just a few questions that the course attempts to explore.

Additionally, this course is designed to help in understanding the concept of reputational capital, how it is developed and communicated to internal and external stakeholders.

● Craft a framework for communicating reputation
● Comprehend methods of influencing stakeholders
● Understand the mechanics of investor relations in the organizational context
● Recognize the role of media in building organizational and leader reputation
● Analyse the relationship between CSR and reputation and develop strategies to create shared value
● Comprehend the importance of corporate governance and ethics