Programme PGP Term IV Academic Year 2021-22

Course title Data Mining and Business Intelligence Area Information Systems Credits 1.25

Prof. Srikumar Krishnamoorthy

Course Description & Objectives
Business Intelligence offers set of tools, techniques and methodologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and presenting information to help decision makers at various levels in the organization. Today, with significant advancements in databases, web 2.0 and other data collection technologies, organizations are increasingly relying on BI and/or advanced analytic techniques for making effective decisions. 

This course introduces the participants to the essentials of BI and data mining technologies. It will enable the participants to learn and apply analytical techniques for solving real-world business problems. The course will also help the participants understand various issues, challenges and best practices in implementing BI / analytical solutions in organizations. 

Some of the key takeaways for the participants include: (1) Learn the fundamentals of BI, Data warehousing and On-Line analytical processing, (2) Understand key concepts and techniques in data mining / advanced analytics, and (3) Apply data mining techniques to solve business problems in retail, finance and telecom domains. 

This course will have a mix of lectures, cases, and hands-on sessions.